Adventures in Shopping: Under $20 Ross Haul + Thrifted Clutch

Hey Darlings!

I’m back with another edition of Adventures in Shopping! This haul is pretty small, but I LOVE what I was able to find. I walked around ROSS just to kill some time and came across a couple of items I could NOT pass up. I had no plans on buying anything, but we all know ‘if the price is right then it’s alright!’

First up is a hot pink cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline. It’s extremely figure-flattering and was marked down to $9! This could be worn on a date, to a wedding, a night out, whatever. With all the places it could be worn, I couldn’t lose! $9 Ross Pink Dress

Next, is a turquoise dress with lace detailing. It’s sheer, but it has a matching full-legnth tank underneath. I see pearls (and SPANX) going with this perfectly. I copped this for only $8!

$8 Ross Lace Dress

Last up is a BOMB clutch I snagged from Value Village Thrift Store for…….wait for it……$1.50! It’s slim, textured and metallic. I beleive it’s pewter, but in some lighting it looks out right silver.

VV Clutch1

It came with a chain strap and an attached mirror on the inside flap. I don’t know who would give something like this away, but for $1.50 I ain’t complaining!

VV Clutch2

So I was able to find two *non-thrifted* dresses and a clutch for $18.50 (before taxes). That’s how you shop Flyy and Frugal!


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