Adventures in Shopping: It’s Shoe Week at Ross!

Hey Honey Buns!

The title says it all, “It’s Shoe Week at Ross!” That means the inventory will be on point this week. I stopped by the store and was so tempted to get a cart and start throwing shoes in left and right, but couldn’t due to an extra strict budget (sighs and rolls eyes). That doesn’t stop me from showing you all who can spend more freely what hot shoes Ross has to offer! Check out what I found:

  Penny Loves Kenny Red Studded Toe Pump $18.99

Ross Shoe Week3

 Penny Loves Kenny Black Studded Toe Pump $18.99

Ross Shoe Week6

Penny Loves Kenny Spiked Leopard Pump $18.99

Ross Shoe Week4

 Nine West Leopard Neon Flax Heel $24.99

Ross Shoe Week5

And on the more ‘expensive’ end, there were Michael Kors options there:

Suede Pump w/Silver Metallic Heel $79.99

Ross Shoe Week7

 Fuchsia & Black Open-Toed Sandal $69.99

Ross Shoe Week8

 Tan & Black Open-Toed Sandals $69.99 

Ross Shoe Week9

 And my absolute favorite find of the day:

 Dollhouse Nude Pump w/Ankle Strap $16.99

Ross Shoe Week1

 I had to try these beauties on even though they were too small. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Ross Shoe Week2 So now that you see what Shoe Week is looking like, you might want to stop by and add to your collection. Word of advice, if you see something you like buy it ASAP because it will not be there later. As you can see, you can be FRUGAL and still look FLYY! Happy shopping :)


These shoes were found at the Ross in Edgewood Plaza on Memorial Drive in Atlanta, GA.