Adventures in Shopping: My ‘Low Cost’ Protective Style for May

Hey Honey Buns!

I’ve really been into protective styling lately. Not only because I want to protect my tresses, but also because I’m going through that ‘awkward phase’ where my hair is growing out and is technically not a teeny weeny afro (TWA) anymore, but is also not at big ‘fro status. (#runonsentence) :)

In May, my protective style was a wig from Freetress Equal. The style was Nelly.

Freetress Equal in NELLY 5

It had a deep part which I love because it’s similar to how I used to part my hair when it was relaxed.

Freetress Equal in NELLY 6

This piece also didn’t have that dead-giveaway super shiny wig look. It has a freshly relaxed sheen to it instead.

Freetress Eqaul in NELLY 7

The color I chose was OP99J. You can’t tell in any of these pics, but it’s a really dark red. It looks so pretty in the sun or under a light.

Freetress Equal in NELLY 2

‘NELLY’ ┬áis pretty easy to maintain. Just use a paddle brush in the morning to detangle.

Freetress Equal in NELLY 1

It’s long in the front and shorter in the back. To see the back of this piece look here.

Freetress Equal in NELLY 3

I purchased this wig from my local beauty supply store for $45 (which I thought was a decent price at the time), but I’ll definitely be ordering another one online since it’s cheaper there. Here are some places where you can order it: $29.99 $18.88 $26.99

*These are the prices listed on the respective sites at the time of this post*

So what do you think? Are you up for rocking a wig for a protective style or to just change up your look for a bit? Whatever you decide to do, just remember that you can look FLYY…FRUGALLY!