Adventures in Shopping: My $1 Lipstick Review

Hey Honey Buns!

How’s your day going? I hope it’s going great! If not, I have something that’ll cheer you up- inexpensive makeup that’s actually great quality!

J Cat Lipstick Cover

I’m notorious for buying makeup at beauty supply stores. Why? Because I can try different products and not feel guilty about spending insane amounts of money. So anyway, I’m walking around the store and came across J. Cat Beauty’s Fantabulous Lipstick.

J Cat Lipstick 1

There were a lot of nice looking shades, but the color that caught my eye was Grapes.” It reminded me of MAC’s “Up the Amp.” 

J Cat Lipstick 3

J Cat Lipstick 2

“Grapes” is very creamy and pigmented. It’s a gorgeous, light purple hue that looks bomb on its own or can be used as the center color for an ombre lip.

J Cat Lipstick 4

The best thing about this lipstick? It was ONE DOLLAR! Now, on their website the lipsticks are $3. Check out your local beauty supply store because they may sell them at a lower price like the one I visited.

J Cat Lipstick 5

Head over to a local store and see if they sell J. Cat Beauty’s Fantabulous Lipstick. You won’t be disappointed!

J Cat Lipstick 7

What inexpensive cosmetics have you tried and loved? Let me know and send pics to so you can be featured!


This is not a sponsored review. The products I review are paid for by me so you’re getting the ‘real deal’ opinion, mmmmkaay?! :)