Homemade Hotness: Inexpensive Bridal Shower Decorations

Hi Loves!

I’m back with more Homemade Hotness for you! This time it’s bridal style! We all know that all things wedding related can become expensive. From bachelorette parties, to bridal showers, to the actual wedding itself- you can spend more than intended especially if you are a part of the bridal party. I’m going to show you all what I did to decorate a Flyy and Frugal bridal shower!

Bridal Shower Cover

1. The Party Favors: The cost of favors can add up really quickly especially if you have 15+ guests. Instead of splurging on those, I got little wedding dress and tuxedo favor boxes (10 per pack), as well as Ring Pops (4 per pack), from Dollar Tree. The Thank You tags  (25 per pack) came from Hobby Lobby.

Favor Boxes: $1.00 x 4= $4.00

Ring Pops: $1.00 x 10= $10.00

Tags: $2.00 x 2= $4.oo

Total: $18.00

That comes down to about $0.45 a favor for 40 guests! I feel that if you have a smaller group of people, you can go all out with the favors, but in this case you might want to put more of your money towards the food.  Side Note: On the back of each tag I wrote, “He put a RING on it!” Get it?! :)

Bridal Shower Favors

2. Table Decorations: I really wanted to keep this simple since the focus would be on the bride and the games. My mother-in-law found several lanterns from ROSS for $9.00 a pop. I found damask doilies (6 per pack) from Hobby Lobby and white beaded necklaces (8 per pack) from Dollar Tree.

Lanterns: $9.00 x 6= $54.00

Doilies: $3.00 x 1= $3.00

Beaded Necklace: $1.00 x 8= $8.00

Bridal Shower Decorations

I simply draped the beads onto a lantern and placed it on top of the doily. I had aqua-colored napkins and damask paper plates to add a pop of color to the table, but it was way too windy to put those out.

Bridal Shower Table

We tied sashes around every other chair and added balloons. This is the finished result.

Bridal Shower Tables 1

My in-laws hooked up the outdoor kitchen to make it look like a cabana. NICE!

Bridal Shower Cabana

Are you planning a party soon? Run over to Dollar Tree or craft stores like Hobby Lobby. Buying inexpensive decorations in bulk can really help you to save!  Now go out there and decorate something FLYY….FRUGALLY!