Homemade Hotness: Pro Dance Team Audition Costumes

Hey Darlings!

Today’s Homemade Hotness post is about something near and dear to me…DANCING! A few years ago, I cheered professionally in the NFL and had the time of my life! For those of you who aspire to audition for a professional dance team or cheer squad, know that the process can get pricey. From hair, to nails, to makeup, tights, proper shoes, prep classes and audition registration fees, you can spend more than you planned. To me, the most expensive factor in the audition process is the outfit. Some tops and bottoms can run you $60 each! I’m going to show you how I avoided having to spend money on an expensive costume and made my own.

1. Get a solid colored bikini. (Avoid string bikinis!) This one was purchased at Ross for $18. Get two pairs of thongs. Walmart has a big selection of inexpensive underwear and a wide variety of colors and patterns. These two pairs were only $2.50 each.

Homemade Pro Audition Costume 1

2. Take one pair of underwear and cut off the crotch.

Homemade Pro Audition Costume 2

3. Now you have the waistband for your bottoms!

Homemade Pro Audition Costume  3

4. Place the waistband onto the bottom half of the bikini. Easy breezy, right? You can sew it on, but I use safety pins. I prefer that you sew! You don’t want to worry about pins sticking you while you’re dancing!

Homemade Pro Audition Costume  4

5. Take the second pair of underwear and cut off the crotch. This time you’ll cut the waistband in half so that you have two strips.

Homemade Pro Audition Costume 5

6. This is where your creativity kicks in and you decide how you want the top to look. I just placed a strip on each side of the bikini top. Don’t forget to sew, sew, sew!

Homemade Pro Audition Costume 6

7. Now your costume is complete! How easy was that? For around $25, I made a costume that is inexpensive and unique. Besides, you greatly lessen the chance of someone having the same costume if you design your own!

Homemade Pro Audition Costume 7

Other costumes I made:

Homemade Pro Audition Costume 8

Bikini: Target- $30

 Sequinned Trim: Hancock Fabric (I can’t remember the exact price, but I know it was under $20)

Homemade Pro Audition Costume  9

Bikini: Target- $30

Underwear used for trim: Walmart$6 

The possibilities for creating your own costumes are endless. Flex your creativity and your dance skills on audition day and stand out from the crowd! You can look and live FLYY…FRUGALLY!