Homemade Hotness: DIY Magazine Clutch

Hey Darlings!

I haven’t posted a Homemade Hotness project in a while, but you’ll enjoy this one! Now I am in love with clutches. With the right one, it can not only add that extra umph to your outfit, but become a conversation starter. I’ve noticed that when I rock a magazine clutch and open it to grab something, somebody always says, “That’s a purse?! I thought you were just carrying around a magazine!” Never fails :)

I purchased this particular clutch a while back but never used it. Why? I don’t know, but I was definitely tired of it collecting dust. Then it hit me, why not take this and cover it with your favorite mag!

Here is what I did for this super easy project:

Magazine Clutch Before

What you’ll need:

1. Mod Podge (can be found at any craft store)

2. Exacto Knife

3. Sponge Brush

4. Magazines

5. Clutch- Preferably a structured one with a hard surface.

Make sure you have a work area that will protect your furniture or floor.

Magazine Clutch Materials

Step 1: Use your Exacto Knife to remove the cover from the rest of the magazine.

Magazine Cutting the Cover

Step 2: Hold the cover up to your clutch to see how much you need to cut. Remove the excess with your Exacto Knife.

Magazine Measuring  One Side

Since I’m using two magazine covers, I placed the one I measured and cut on top of the other, then cut the excess. This saves me from having to repeat ‘Step 2′. Work smarter not harder!

Magazine Covers

Step 3: Take your sponge brush and start painting the clutch with Mod Podge. I put on a overly generous amount, took one of the magazine covers and carefully put it on the clutch.

Magazine One Side Painted

Step 4: Place Mod Podge on the other side.

*I realized I put waaaayyy too much Mod Podge on the clutch when the cover started to wrinkle and bunch from all of the glue. I was too afraid to remove the cover off the clutch since it already had glue on the back so I left it alone. Instead, I just didn’t use as much on the other side.

Magazine One Completed Side

Step 5: Seal the edges at the opening of the clutch and around any edges that you think may need to be protected.

Step 6: Let it sit and dry over night.

*You can clearly see how much of a difference using less Mod Podge on this side made. One side is wrinkly and the other is smooth. :)

Magazine Sealed Edges

This is the finished result! Now I have a bright, colorful and unique clutch that’s sure to be a conversation starter!

*Optional and probably the smart thing to do: Paint over your new clutch with Mod Podge so that it protects the magazine covers from normal wear and tear when you flaunt your new piece. Don’t worry, the glue becomes clear when it dries. I skipped this step, but will eventually do it. 

Magazine Clutch Completed Front(The other side of the clutch.)

Magazine Clutch Completed Back

So what do you think? Are you ready to revamp something and turn it into Homemade Hotness?! As always, you can look FLYY…FRUGALLY!