Get OUT! Luhv 2 Live’s FREE Event on Aug.17, 2013

Hey Loves!

Let me start off by saying ‘thank you’ for showing so much love to Flyy and Frugal! I see great things happening for this site.

Do you know what you’re doing this weekend? You should Get OUT! No money? No problem. Luhv 2 Live is back with another entertaining relationship discussion. This event is completely FREE! This includes admission, food and a drink. You may even win something from the giveaways. (Tell me where else that happens…)

This month’s topic, “Side Hustlin: The Side Chic’s Side of the Story” is sure to be an entertaining conversation since that’s such a hot-button issue. Prepare yourself to become engaged in dialogue that touches a nerve with everyone. I’m sure comedy will ensue! One of the panelists will be Lisa Wu, formerly of Real Housewives of Atlanta.


Are you ready to Get OUT! and save money while doing so? That’s the Flyy and Frugal way! If you spot me, say hey! Important: Pizza Bar is next to the Chevron and across from Racetrack gas station. My GPS messed me up the first time I went. (Oh yeah, Mableton, GA really isn’t as far as it sounds. It’s right near Smyrna, GA)