F&F Style: Fascinator and Conway Pants

Good Day, Honey Buns!

How are you all? I’m doing quite well on this warm Sunday afternoon. It surely doesn’t seem like just earlier this week the city was covered in snow and ice. That’s Atlanta’s weather for ya! Anyway, I’m bringing you some F&F Style goodness today. This was a new look for me that I ended up LOVING! 

I went to my beloved Conway and picked up some high-waist, skinny dress pants and a black shirt.

Black Hat1

The shirt was $4.50 and the pants were $13.50. I wore it with my favorite thrifted necklace and black heels.

Black Hat3

Now onto my favorite part: the fascinator! It has a clip that’s attached to a headband so you can keep it on the headband or just clip it onto your hair.

Black Hat4

I got the fascinator from my local beauty supply store for only $10! There was a nice selection of different colors and styles so I will be back to get more! The bigger they are the more they cost, but the most expensive one I’ve seen went for $25. That’s still a good deal!

Black Hat5

The total cost of today’s outfit: $28! 

Black Hat2

Sometimes it takes just a little something extra to jazz up your ensemble, and of course it doesn’t have to cost that much. Wherever you shop, if you see something cute get it! Just make sure you don’t have to overspend to rock it. As always, you can look and live FLYY…FRUGALLY!