Double Duty: Using Earrings to Alter Pants

Hey Y’all!

Welcome to Flyy and Frugal’s first post on Double Duty!DD’ will feature items that we typically use for one purpose and I’ll show you how to get those same items to multi task! Today’s post is about using earrings to alter the look of your pants.

I thrifted some cute jogging pants from Value Village for $1.24 (see here). I’ve seen a lot of cute jogging pants, harem pants and sweatpants that ladies are wearing now, but they’re all fitted around the ankle. My thrifted pants were loose at the bottom. Solution? Pin those bad boys up and throw some earrings on them! I altered my babies in three easy steps:

Purple Thrifted Pants Before

Step One: I pinched the front of the pant leg, folded it over to the outside of my ankle and stuck a safety pin underneath.

Purple Thrifted Pants During

Step Two: I simply attached earrings that were big enough to cover the bunched up area for added flair. My earrings were purchased from They’re absolutely perfect for this, and they’re hot!

I suggest you use those backings that are used for badges. They’re more secure and you’ll lessen the chance of poking your leg and losing your earrings.

Purple Thrifted Pants After

Step Three: Tell people your pants were custom made when you receive complements on how cute they are! :) (Hey, it’s true!)

Purple and Aqua Ensemble2

So there’s your first dose of Double Duty! Even if you have pants that are already fitted at the bottom, just experiment with adding earrings to give them a new look! Maybe you can turn your earrings into cufflinks. Be creative!

You can be FRUGAL, but still look and live FLYY!