Adventures in Shopping: Dollar Jewelry Store

Hey Sugar Plums!

Today you’re in for a treat. In my Adventures in Shopping I was able to find a store that sells costume jewelry for $1! You read it right-ONE DOLLAR! 

Dollar Jewelry Cover

The name of the store is simply Fashion Jewelry and it’s located in Stockbridge, GA. (The full address is at the end of the post.)

Dollar Jewelry 1

Fashion Jewelry has a large selection to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

Dollar Jewelry 6

This store has everything from statement rings to bracelets, large earrings to studs, and necklaces to pearl sets.

Dollar Jewelry 2

You have to buy a minimum of $5 worth of jewelry.  That’s no biggie, because you’ll probably want to get much more!

Dollar Jewelry 5

My favorite pieces in the store are the earrings. Aren’t these cute?!

Dollar Jewelry 7

You can rack up on pieces and gift them and/or rack up on a piece and get it in ALL colors without the guilt! (Now I’m really hoping the earrings in the pic above are still there…) Also, some things in the store are over a dollar (like shades, lashes, belts, bags, and body oils), but that’s pretty much it.

Dollar Jewelry 8

So this is what I purchased! I got anklets to rock with some closed-toe shoes, a purple and gold pin, fuchsia and gold earrings and a cute little bow ring. It’s a pretty random assortment! :)

Dollar Jewelry 9

Here’s the full address of the store. I forgot to mention that it’s also in the same plaza with one of my favorite Value Village locations. You can score some thrifted clothes and walk two stores over to accessorize them inexpensively. NICE!

Dollar Jewelry 10

What are you waiting for?! Head over to the store and cop some FLYY and FRUGAL accessories. Happy shopping!