Adventures in Shopping: My Inexpensive Crochet Braids

Hey Lovelies!

I believe 2015 may just be the year I leave my hair completely alone and rock protective styles for as long as I can. Not only are they convenient, but they are FUN! I started off the year with crochet braids. I’ve seen them all over Instagram and love how pretty they look on everyone so I thought I’d try them out for myself.

I hit up Ja’Lisa to install the braids for me. She’s the one that does my marley twists also. She always has reasonable prices and does nice, clean work.

Crochet Braids5This style is extremely inexpensive since the hair runs no more than $6 a pack. We used the Janet Collection Noir Afro Twist Braid Hair and 4 packs were used.

Crochet Braids4

Usually, you twist the hair onto the rollers straight out of the pack and dip it in hot water before you install them. We installed the hair first and then rolled and dipped the hair. Not really a good idea if you don’t want hot water close to your scalp. Lesson learned! Besides, having the hair pre-curled will save you a lot of time. Lesson learned, again! :)

Crochet Braids1

She used the hidden knot method so that the hair looked like it was growing from my scalp. I was able to part it 3 ways. It looked so real that people I know forgot my real hair was short and asked how I got “my hair” so curly!

Crochet Braids2

Crochet braids are really easy to maintain. I just put on a bonnet every night before bed and when I woke up, just shook my head to loosen them up a bit. Easy breezy!

Crochet Braids3

I kept them in for 6 weeks and as time went on, the crochet braids looked more and more realistic. I didn’t want to part with them but I had to.

Crochet Braids6

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to give crochet braids a try?! If you’re in the Atlanta area, contact Ja’Lisa. You’ll be happy you did. You can look and live FLYY…FRUGALLY!